The Benefits of Destination Treatment

The Benefits of Destination Treatment

When we’re suffering from addiction, it’s natural to want to hold on to any last shred of comfort and familiarity. We find solace in our friends, family, homes and even our material possessions. Whether we realize it or not, however, there are times in which these “comforts” can perpetuate the cycle of substance abuse and make it impossible for us to get a fresh start and the treatment we need. When we keep hanging out with the same people, doing the same things and experiencing the same setbacks, it an be hard to make a clean break. Many of us, addicted or not, never truly experience what it’s like to focus entirely on ourselves for an extended period of time.

There are certain situations in which it becomes necessary to remove ourselves from our environments and focus solely on our recoveries. Whether this means going to a nearby state or traveling across the country, distance can be a critical resource in our sobriety and mean the difference between lasting sobriety and relapse. For so many of us, our continued substance relies on behavioral patterns. When we remove ourselves from our dangerous, and often toxic circumstances, we can allow ourselves to heal in a distraction-free environment without the daily trauma and temptation that can often hold so many of us back.

Not all of us can take the necessary time to embark on destination treatment; however, we shouldn’t discount the notion out of hand. Distance doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety. It can be a the impetus we need to give ourselves a fresh start and bolster our independence. It may seem scary at first, but it can prove to be a liberating and future-defining decision. The most important thing is that we do what is necessary to get the help that we need before our addiction gets any worse and further impacts our lives. Whether this means sticking close to home or traveling to far-off places for a fresh start is contingent upon each one of our personal situations.

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