What Kind of Treatment is Right for Me?

What Kind of Treatment is Right for Me?

Those of us in recovery who have made the decision to get treatment are faced an avalanche of lingering questions through which we must sort:

What will happen to our jobs? Will our families be there when we complete the process? Will treatment actually work? Perhaps one of the most important questions we must ask ourselves is: “What kind of treatment is right for me?” The answer to this question can lead to answers to many more, as each treatment experience is different and requires differing levels of time commitment. As straightforward as the question may seem, however, the answer is just as simple as we would like it to be, and there are some factors we must consider when making our decision.

The reality of modern addiction treatment is that there are many different varieties of programs. This gives patients more of an opportunity for customized treatment; however, it also means that we have weed out choices that won’t help us. When determining the kind of treatment from which we would most benefit, we should ask ourselves a number of diagnostic questions, including but not limited to:

  •  Have I been in treatment before?
  •  Can I afford to take time out of my life for inpatient care?
  •  How long have I been abusing substances?
  •  What kind of substances have I been abusing?
  •  Do I have a family to take care of?

Each one of our situations is unique, which is why we must weigh the logistical factors in our lives against the severity of our substance abuse when seeking treatment.

Some Other Things to Consider

The most important thing is to get treatment; however and whenever we can. It’s also important to enlist the help of a loved one who can help us find the right kind of program. We should rely on someone who knows us and has witnessed the rise of our substance abuse; someone who truly has our best interests at heart. Some of us may need to take the time out of our lives to do the necessary work to get well in an inpatient program; others may require less stringent outpatient measures to heal from drug and alcohol addiction. Whatever our treatment needs may be, it’s important that we get car immediately in an effort to avoid escalation of the problem and the need for more severe treatment measures.

What Kind of Treatment is Right for Me? syndicated from http://liaddictionresources.blogspot.com/


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