Am I Doing Enough in Recovery?

Am I Doing Enough in Recovery?

The first few months after treatment can be downright overwhelming. They are usually spent developing a routine, making sure we have he resources we need to sustain daily progress and implementing the tools and advice we gained from our treatment professionals. As move further along and start to get comfortable in our daily routines, we often find ourselves asking ourselves if we can be doing more to help ourselves and the people around us. While we must be careful that we don’t over-extend ourselves and subject ourselves to undue pressure and obligation, it’s perfectly natural (and healthy) to want to take an increasingly active role in our own recovery.

There is any number of things we can do when we feel the inclination to increase our involvement in our recovery community. We can speak to our meeting moderators to see if we can be of any further assistance. We can also see about organizing our own meeting or offering to mentor someone new in our groups. If we’re feeling particularly ambitious, we can volunteer at local or regional events in whatever capacity we feel comfortable. Many of us even have the opportunity to go back and speak at the treatment facilities in which we found so much success. The possibilities are vast.

Further integrating ourselves into our recovery communities can also provide an internal sense of fulfillment through community and social interaction. It will help us develop the relationships that can sustain us through our most vulnerable times. While our friends and family are a vital source of support during our recovery, it helps to be able to speak with people who have been where we are and have had similar experiences. We never just what relationships might have the potential to enrich our lives and give us the strength we need every day.

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